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Akemashite Omedetto Gozaimasu!  First of all I would like the thank Rev Watanabe, Yasuko Kujiraoka, the Board of Directors and the entire Sangha for their selfless cooperation and support of this temple.  This includes BCA, ministers and laypersons who have directly or indirectly supported us, thank you.  As you know this past year had its unique challenges but the Sangha bravely came together to meet it head on.  As we embark on a new year I request your continued spirited support and will do what I can to help communicate the message of the Buddha.  As we frequently recite during Sunday service under ‘Shin Buddhist Life Principles’, my goal for the New Year is to “Share the True Dharma with All.”   Former Monshu Koshin Ohtani, in his book ‘The Buddha’s Wish for the World,’ cites: “Your life is a gift wished into existence.”   May 2018 bring on a deepening awareness. 

In Gassho, 
Elwyn Kawate  

of the 

OBT Board of Directors
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New message from our Reverend Watanabe

Make the Self Your Light, Make the Dharma Your Light

Rev. Masanori Watanabe


It is my great pleasure that I can learn the Buddha’s teachings with all of you at this wonderful temple, which will turn 90 years old soon. Let’s enjoy all of this year’s temple activities, such as the upcoming Chicken Teriyaki Dinner fundraiser, with our anniversary in mind. We can celebrate our beginnings all year, and not just on the 90thanniversary date of October 12!

February’s special service is “Nirvana Day”, Sakyamuni’s Memorial Day. The death of Sakyamuni underscores the teaching of impermanence-the idea that we, and all other beings and things in this world, are subject to constant change. It was the Buddha’s intent that through his teachings we would understand the transitory nature of our existence, and ultimately experience Truth. It is said that when the Buddha passed away, all beings gathered and mourned his passing because the Buddha taught the equality of all beings, all living things, and they all can be Buddhas. more         Go to the message

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By Reverend Masanori Watanabe for our Sangha



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