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Akemashite Omedetto Gozaimasu!  First of all I would like the thank Rev Watanabe, Yasuko Kujiraoka, the Board of Directors and the entire Sangha for their selfless cooperation and support of this temple.  This includes BCA, ministers and laypersons who have directly or indirectly supported us, thank you.  As you know this past year had its unique challenges but the Sangha bravely came together to meet it head on.  As we embark on a new year I request your continued spirited support and will do what I can to help communicate the message of the Buddha.  As we frequently recite during Sunday service under ‘Shin Buddhist Life Principles’, my goal for the New Year is to “Share the True Dharma with All.”   Former Monshu Koshin Ohtani, in his book ‘The Buddha’s Wish for the World,’ cites: “Your life is a gift wished into existence.”   May 2018 bring on a deepening awareness. 


In Gassho, 
Elwyn Kawate  

of the 

OBT Board of Directors
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New Image and message from our Reverend Watanabe

In The Light That Surpasses All Thoughts or Ideas, Take Refuge

Rev. Masanori Watanabe

The year is nearing its end. You must be preparing for Thanksgiving and welcoming in the New Year. There is the Shotsuki service combined with Eitaikyo on November 3. This is an important opportunity for people to express reverence for the lives and actions of those who have died, and to make donations for continuing the cultivation of the Dharma. Without the temple, we would not encounter the Buddha’s and Shinran’s teachings. Please try to attend the service.


I believe you are becoming more familiar with Jodo Shinshu through attending services and listening to Dharma messages. This teaching is based on the Pure Land Path. What is the essence of the teaching? It is Namo Amida Butsu. Namo Amida Butsu is to recite Amida Buddha’s name and it is called “Nembutsu”. According to a Buddhist dictionary, the Nembutsu was originally meant to contemplate on the Buddha. However, in Jodo Shinshu, the Nembutsu is to recite the name of Amida Buddha.

Shinran Shonin claimed that the most important essence of Jodo Shinshu is “Shinjin”. Shinjin is one of the highest teachings of pivotal importance in the Jodo Shinshu tradition; without it, there would be no Jodo Shinshu. In Shinran’s commentary, he wrote that Shinjin is that sentient beings, having heard how the Buddha’s Vow arose-its origin and fulfillment-are altogether free of ............

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By Reverend Masanori Watanabe for our Sangha



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