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President's Corner

Yasuko Kujiraoka
is the President of the OBT Board of Directors.

May 2017
Greetings all,

Where has the time gone? I remember January like it was yesterday and now it it June! My youngest son is being "promoted" from middle school and my oldest son is finishing an exciting year as a high school junior playing CIF volleyball. This month will fly by too as the temple prepares for Obon, but if you have time on June 17th, please consider attending a special Reading of "Garage Door Opener" in the temple social hall, presented by the VC JACL. I recently learned a phrase "Ichigo Ichie" and with it, I am realizing to acknowledge all that happens as "once in a lifetime." I am grateful for the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Your support and all that you do for the temple, your families and others make this life special and wonderful. Thank you very much! Ichigo Ichie.  

with gratitude and appreciation beyond words,

February 2017

Greetings all,

At the end of February, I will be attending the annual National Council Meeting in San Jose, CA. The Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) is our parent organization and all of the member temples, nationwide, will meet to discuss the annual BCA budget, its policies, and to learn about new things from other temples and ministers. I hope to bring back different ideas and news for OBT.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  

Time flies by so quickly, but seeing my children grow up, reminds me that the OBT is growing "up" too. OBT's 88-year history is due to your involvement and support. Thank you!  

with palms together in Gassho,

January 2017

Greetings all,

Happy Year of the Rooster! It reminds me to wake up to Amida's call to live life fully with gratitude. I appreciate how so many people have supported the temple and me. Thank you!  In reflection, December's Mochi-Tsuki was fun too, as the temple offered a new item, peanut butter mochi...yum!  A Big "Thank You" goes to the BWA ladies for the delicious mochi lunch--really yummy! In January, please consider dining and socializing with family and friends at the 3rd annual Crab Feast, entertainment and raffles are planned. At the end of January, a Memorial service for the late Rev. Masami Fujitani will be held at the temple on Sunday, January 29th at 2pm. I remember Rev. Fujitani from my childhood and remember how much a scholar he was. Rev. Fujitani shared his knowledge with Oxnard and the BCA and I was influenced by him in my youth. OBT is here because of you (everyone) and OBT is here for you (everyone). 

Please help me welcome in 2017 in with Rev. Nori at the New Years' Day service. 
Until I see you again, I place my palms together in Gassho,