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Akemashite Omedetto Gozaimasu! First of all I would like the thank Rev Watanabe, Yasuko Kujiraoka, the Board of Directors and the entire Sangha for their selfless cooperation and support of this temple. This includes BCA, ministers and laypersons who have directly or indirectly supported us, thank you. As you know this past year had its unique challenges but the Sangha bravely came together to meet it head on. As we embark on a new year I request your continued spirited support and will do what I can to help communicate the message of the Buddha. As we frequently recite during Sunday service under ‘Shin Buddhist Life Principles’, my goal for the New Year is to “Share the True Dharma with All.” Former Monshu Koshin Ohtani, in his book ‘The Buddha’s Wish for the World,’ cites: “Your life is a gift wished into existence.” May 2018 bring on a deepening awareness.

In Gassho, Elwyn Kawate

President of the OBT Board of Directors

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What a wonderful milestone for our Oxnard Buddhist Temple. 90th Anniversary!

In gratitude, Rev. Masanori Watanabe

Updated 9/12/21

Important Notice to Members and Visitors!

Due to the continuing Coronavirus outbreak, services and study classes will continue to be canceled until further notice. Programs associated with the temple, such as Japanese Language School and Judo, have opened or will be opening with covid protocol guidance in place. Please contact the leader of your particular program for the most recent status. Please be vigilant and try to follow good health practices by getting vaccinated, wearing masks, avoiding non-essential social gatherings and abiding by applicable covid protocol guidance. By being reflective and compassionate to yourself and your fellow sentient beings we will, together, get through these difficult times.

In gassho,

Oxnard Buddhist Temple


Sadly, Hanamatsuri Service was canceled because of the Covid-19. Usually, we celebrate Shiran’s birthday as the Gotan-e Service in May, but it was also canceled. All Buddhist services at the temple will be canceled for a while. I feel sad about this situation. However, in Buddhism, we learn from everything. As long as we remember that we are future Buddhas and are mindful of the Buddha Dharma, we can find the meaning of life from even sadness and sufferings. At funeral services, Jodo Shinshu ministers read “White Ashes”.

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開教使 渡辺正憲


Special message from Gomonshu Otani!

The leader of our Jodo Shinshu sect, Gomonshu Otani, came to visit our humble temple with other dignitaries from Japan on September 9 of this year. Gomonshu Otani is the 25th Monshu descendant of Shinran Shonin, the founder of our Buddhist sect in the early 13th century. We are grateful to be able to share the message he gave during his visit.


It is with great pleasure that I am able to pay homage together with you to Amida Buddha enshrined here at the Oxnard Buddhist Temple. Overcoming many difficulties and hardships, your ancestors established many Buddhist temples to share the Dharma here in the United States of America. Reflecting on their patience and resilience, I feel deep respect and appreciation.

In 2023, four years from now, we will commemorate the 850th anniversary of Shinran Shonin’s birth and the following year 2024, will be the 800th anniversary of the establishment of the Jodo Shinshu teaching. It is worth noting that the teaching clarified by Shinran Shonin has been revered and passed on to us by our ancestors for 800 years. Today, those who cherish his teaching are not limited to Japan and found across the world.

One important teaching in Jodo Shinshu is expressed in the phrase, sesshu fusha, which literally means to “grasp and never abandon.” In a poem composed by Shinran Shonin known as Hymns of the Pure Land, he writes:

Seeing the sentient beings of the nembutsu

Throughout the worlds, countless as particles, in the ten quarters,

The Buddha grasps and never abandons them,

And therefore is named “Amida.”

Shinran Shonin adds explanatory notes to the phrase “grasps and never abandons them” and writes “setsu means to pursue and grasp the one who seeks to run away.”

In addition, Sakyamuni Buddha taught that the fundamental cause of our suffering is none other than our human desires. He explains that we suffer because we are inclined to be driven by our conveniences. In other words, we place judgment on things as good or bad depending upon whether they promote our selfish interests or not. Moreover, when human desires are limitless, and people excessively assert their egocentricities to others, resentment deepens between groups of people, and this paves the way for future confrontation.

Responding to this, Amida Buddha chases after those who have their backs turned towards the truth. The Buddha continuously works to grasp and guide people to the world of truth. This working manifests itself as the Name or the Nembutsu that is Namo Amida Butsu, which is always being directed towards us.

No matter how much science and technology may develop in the future, the essential nature of us human beings will never change. However, without regard to time and place, whether it be Japan, the US, or anywhere in this world, in the past as well and in the future to come, the Jodo Shinshu teaching will continue to be the spiritual basis for all people and enable them to truly find meaning in their lives.

It is my hope that every one of you will continue to deepen your appreciation of the Dharma and share it on every occasion with your family as well as to the people around you. Let us live each day to the utmost, appreciating the Buddha’s compassion that extends to every one of us.

Gomonshu Otani

Some drawings from our Sensei Watanabe