Dharma School

Dharma School (DS) is a way of teaching Jodo Shinshu Buddhism and Japanese culture to interested families with children. Dharma School services start at 10 am on most Sundays, and offer a Dharma message for everyone to learn. Services are open to the public, and families are encouraged to attend together. Dharma School conducts classes, grouped by grade levels, after the service. While the children are in their classes, Sensei Henry regularly offers an adult lecture.

The Dharma School Year starts in September and continues until the following June, similar to the public school system. In June, Dharma School conducts an awards ceremony honoring students with perfect attendance and other achievements. In July, the Oxnard Buddhist Temple hosts Obon, an annual religious and cultural event, featuring Odori dancing--Japanese folk dancing. Dharma School families are encouraged to participate in the festival activities. During the year, some class activities are specific to a grade level, but interested persons may observe. Other activities are conducted for both children and adults, and then everyone is encouraged to participate. Please check the monthly calendar or bulletin for class dates. For questions, please contact the temple office: 805-483-5948 or email: mail@oxnardbuddhisttemple.org.