Togen Daiko

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Togen Daiko meets on most Sundays (at 8 am) and Wednesdays (at 7 pm) in the OBT Social Hall.

Please contact us at: if you intend to visit.

“Taiko” is often used to mean the relatively modern art of Japanese drum performances (kumi-daiko), but the word actually refers to the taiko drums themselves. While various taiko drums have been used in Japan for over 1400 years, and possibly much longer, the style of taiko best known today has a relatively short history, beginning in the 1950’s.

Togen Daiko was formed in April 1996, at the Oxnard Buddhist Temple in Oxnard, California. Our public debut was only two months later at the Oxnard Obon Festival.

Togen Daiko's performance pieces and style have been a group effort and shaped by our current Artistic Director Bruce Arikawa, a member of Los Angeles's Kinnara Taiko, who came on board and took over the teaching job in January 1997.